Warhammer Quest: Lost Relics

Warhammer Quest: Lost Relics

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A band of heroic Stormcast Eternals awaken in a mysterious labyrinth filled with arcane treasures, devious traps, and vicious monsters. Will these four heroes (and their faithful pet bird) be able to break free, or are they doomed to fall at the hands of the mysterious Magister?

As they search for a way out of the labyrinth, the heroes encounter bands of foes seeking to do the same. With the aid of the treasures they find as they progress, the lost adventures must combat their enemies and escape. Can you defeat the labyrinth's Magister to reclaim the Stormcast Eternals' freedom?

Work together with up to three other players to escape your prison in Warhammer Quest: Lost Relics, a co-operative dungeon crawler with intuitive rules, endless replayability, and games lasting a little over half an hour. You can even play solo, and test your wits against the all-powerful entity that rules the maze.

- Game for 2-4 players (co-op)
- Approximate playing time 60 minutes
- Play standalone games or an ongoing campaign
- Five beautifully detailed colored plastic push-off-the-frame push-fit miniatures (no glue required)
- Box contents: five miniatures, 54 cards, four double-sided game boards, tokens, and dice
- Full-color, 32-page rulebook