The Game Of Wolf

The Game Of Wolf

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Which is stronger? The Lone Wolf or the Pack? Find out in this strategic trivia game where friend quickly becomes foe!

As the Wolf, pick your pack members based on their knowledge of the subject or go Lone Wolf for a chance at double the points! The Pack or Lone Wolf that answers the most correct of the five questions wins the points for that round!

Highly strategic and collaborative trivia game Intriguing subjects spanning all genres keep players on an even playing field Approachable and fun for large groups – learn to play in under five minutes
Each round there is a Wolf who is assigned a trivia category
The Wolf then chooses a pack member or to play as Lone Wolf for double the points
The teams then answer five questions to the category - most correct wins points for the round

250 Trivia Cards
3 dry erase markers
2 dry erase answer boards
1 scoreboard