Tails on Fire

Tails on Fire

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Once upon a time, Iguana stole fire from the village and fled to the sky.

To restore fire to the world, Opossum found Iguana’s hiding place, lulled him to sleep, and stole the fire with her tail—or so the story goes. Tails on Fire is an interactive card game in which the ever-changing selection of the best three playing cards for a round leads to a permanent dilemma, creating a unique gaming experience. This challenging game with easy-to-learn rules is the smart work of German author Thomas Sellner. Set in a tale of Mexico's indigenous Huichol people, Tails on fire is a fascinating composition of Mexican art, Huichol history, and super cute possums brought to life by Mexican artist Mayra Guadalupe Ornelas Ramos.

2-6 players
Ages 10+
20 minute play time

2 stacks of cards (83 cards in total)
1 Rulebook