Septima: Shapeshifting And Omen Expansion

Septima: Shapeshifting And Omen Expansion

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Rumors are abound in Noctenburg: the townsfolk whisper of sights of strangely humanlike animals in their homes, the hospital and even the court. Ominous omens indeed...

Gain new abilities as you shift into your powerful Animal Form, and beware of the looming Omens in this modular expansion for Septima.

The expansion not only adds extra content to the game, but also forces players to rethink their usual strategies. The Omens module gives players a new objective with the low Suspicion level, while they need to adapt to new negative/positive effects every turn. The Shapeshifting expansion adds new abilities and allows players to gain the upper hand by timing their actions wisely.

♦ Shapeshifting
Shapeshifting brings an entirely new dynamic to the action selection aspect of the game. The Leaders can now Shapeshift into an Animal form, concealing themselves from the Hunters. While in Animal form, you are limited to a smaller set of actions, but you perform one of those actions far more effectively than in your human form. The expansion includes two Animal pawns, two Animal tiles and a Shapeshift Action card for each player color

♦ Omens
The Omens module brings some randomized and impactful events that are either negative or positive, based on the overall Suspicion level of the players. The module includes 18 Omen cards, each with a negative and positive effect.