The Red Dragon Inn 9: The Undercity

Red Dragon Inn 9: The Undercity

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You and your heroic companions have celebrated, brawled, and spent your hard earned gold night after night at Greyport’s legendary tavern. But what of those daring souls who make their lives beneath the cobblestone roads that take you to The Red Dragon Inn? Let’s take a trip down below, and visit the Undercity!

Five New Characters: Choose from five new characters from Greyport’s Undercity, who can be mixed and matched with characters from any other Red Dragon Inn sets!

Boss Battle: Petra the Devious includes cards allowing her to be played as the boss in a Boss Battle many-vs-one team game!

The Star Mole Drinking Hole: This game includes a new tavern for use in the Pub Crawl variant introduced in RDI 8!

Otto: Play two-player RDI with an automated third player, Otto! Includes 2 new factions for the Otto variant.