Really Karen?

Really Karen?

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"Really Karen?" is a hilarious board game where players live a ‘day in the life’ of a Karen, moving around town, arguing with managers, and offending everyone in their path.

Players will visit shops, play hysterical “Really Karen” situation cards, and use strategy to make their way back home in pursuit of becoming the Ultimate Karen!

With over 100 'Karen' situations and 30 "I Need To Speak To Your Manager" cards, there is plenty of great replay value, keeping your customers laughing for hours.

Selling Points
★ Great for teenagers and adults alike.
★ 100+ situation cards for replay value.
★ Active strategies for more fun.
★ A topical title that grabs attention.
★ Sparks conversations of personal experiences.
★ The perfect addition to any party game collection!Game Content
• Karen Game Board
• 6 Karen Game Pieces
• 6 Character Stands
• 100 ‘Really Karen?’ Cards
• 30 ‘Manager’ Cards
• 24 Karen Victory Tokens
• 10 Gift Card Tokens
• 2 Standard Dice