Popcorn Dice

Popcorn Dice

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A Fast & Fun Dice Rolling Game!

Roll, Pop, Win!
Don't Burn It!

How to play
Shake the dice real good and roll 'em!
Keep your popped popcorn, but don't burn it!
Put the kernals back and use double pops to cancel burnt pops!
Pop again or stop and score?

Score 30 points or get the Perfect Pop to win!

The simple but exciting press your luck gameplay will have anyone playing within minutes and has that "one more game" effect.
Our amazing Popcorn Bucket dice cup comes with a lid that let's you display the 14 chunky 19mm custom dice in the top for a beautiful popcorn effect! Or put them in the cup under the lid for secure transport.

Ages 7+, 2-6 players, 10-15 minutes