Pathfinder Rpg (2E): Rage Of Elements (Pocket Edition)

Pathfinder Rpg (2E): Rage Of Elements (Pocket Edition)

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Blaze like the sun! Crash like the waves! Thunder like a rockslide! Harness the overwhelming power of the most primordial forces of nature with Rage of Elements, a new 224-page rules resource for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game focused on the fundamental building blocks of reality itself!

The elements are yours to control with the all-new kineticist class, which brings one of fantasy’s most popular hero types to Pathfinder. New elemental spells and gear provide tons of additional element-themed options for all character classes, and an extensive gazetteer provides an overview of the majestic elemental planes—including two new ones: the decaying Plane of Metal and the vast and orderly forests of the Plane of Wood. A meaty bestiary presenting scores of element-themed creatures helps to populate these alien landcapes—and liven up even the drabbest Material Plane dungeon!

The gateways to elemental power stand open wide with Pathfinder Rage of Elements!

The pocket edition presents the same contents as the standard edition in a smaller sized softcover for a lower price and better portability.

☆ Attractive price point for gamers on a budget.
☆ This invaluable rules reference delves deeper into the elements than ever before, bringing hundreds of new game options to Pathfinder Second Edition players!
☆ The new kineticist class is among the most-in-demand classes for the new edition, and benefits from an open playtest involving thousands of Pathfinder players.
☆ Tons of options for a variety of character classes!
☆ Beautiful full-color illustrations on nearly every page.
☆ Extensive marketing support throughout 2022.
☆ New rules sanctioned in Paizo’s international Pathfinder Society Organized Play program, with monthly free-to-retailer adventures for tens of thousands of players worldwide.