Museum: Pictura: Venissage Expansion

Museum: Pictura: Crystal Palace Expansion

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In this new expansion, you’ll no longer be responsible for just the contents of your galleries - you’ll be given complete control over your Museum as a whole! You’ll get to choose from a range of installations to embellish the halls of your establishment and attract even more visitors. Of course, each of these rooms and how you place them will determine their effectiveness and the bonuses they bring you.

Museum: Pictura – Crystal Palace is the more advanced of the two expansions. Whilst its core rules remain fluid and easy to learn, its effect on your gameplay will not go unnoticed. Each turn your choices will lead you to take advantage of long term bonuses, Prestige points or immediate benefits that will have a noticeable effect on your strategies and the evolution of the game.

☆ You'll be given complete control over your museum.
☆ Each type of room has a different bonus.
☆ Gain additional effects depending on where you place your rooms on your grid.

• 4 Palace boards
• 4 Main Gallery tiles
• 4 Conference hall tiles
• 4 Entry hall tiles
• 4 Guide tiles
• 4 Exhibition commission tiles
• 4 Statue tiles
• 4 Small Gallery tiles
• 4 Storage tiles
• 4 Restaurant tiles
• 4 Veranda Tiles
• 1 Rulebook

Ages 10+, 2-4 players, 60 minutes