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Mind Space

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Mind Space is a thoughtful game in which players are trying to achieve serenity by adding emotions to their Brain Board.

Each emotion is represented by a polyomino shape. Five of the possible Seventeen emotion cards will be available each round, and five rolled dice will determine which colors can be used to add those shapes to a Brain Board.

After 12 rounds, the game is scored, and points can be earned by completing sections of the brain, achieving public goal cards, and meeting the organizational criteria of each color. The one section of each Brain Board with the most unfilled squares will result in a deduction of 1 point for each unfilled square in that section.

Spatial puzzle created by unique polyomino shapes paired with a small placement ruleset grants Mind Space accessibility while also maintaining tension and clever decision making
Simple turn structure creates a streamlined experience and smooth gameplay from start to finish
Vibrant colored dice and markers give a splashy table presence and eye catching endgame results
Dry erase boards and markers promote replayablility and sustainability throughout, no tear off sheets or pads of paper to worry about.