Invasion Of The Brood

Invasion Of The Brood

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In the year 2025, the telepathic monster Broodmaster Magnalux has established a base on earth's moon.

As the human player, you must alert humanity to the threat and rally armies, navies, and air forces against the alien menace. As the Broodmaster player, you must subvert the Earth, using your mind control to gradually take control of Earth’s most vital defenses.

Invasion of the Brood is a two-player strategy game, in which the two sides have greatly different strategies, abilities, and even turn structures. Will humanity pull together to stop this alien invasion, or will the sinister Broodmaster take over the world? You decide!

2 players
Ages 14+
45 minute play time

1 map of the Earth
6 nation cards
2 player sheets
Dozens of tokens
2 d6 (one red, one blue)