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Grail Cup

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In the game, you will try to reach the castle first, trapping your enemies along the way, and even influencing a mighty Dragon so it can keep your opponents away. A clever hidden role selection-drafting system, reminiscing of Citadels' will allow you to bluff your way through Victory. A light and fun race game played in no more than 30mn.

During each turn, you select a role which will define who you are playing and which action you'll take. Turn order is defined by the role you selected, and acting first or last can have tremendous consequences.

EXCITING RACE TO THE CASTLE: Join the thrilling journey to reach the castle first while strategizing to outsmart your opponents. Can you secure victory in this epic race?
CLEVER HIDDEN ROLE SYSTEM: Utilize a unique hidden role selection-drafting system, reminiscent of Citadels, to bluff your way to triumph. Keep your true intentions hidden while influencing the game's outcome.
MIGHTY DRAGON ALLIANCE: Form alliances and alliances with a powerful Dragon to gain a competitive edge. The Dragon can be your key to keeping rivals at bay on your quest for victory.
LIGHT AND FAST-PACED: Enjoy a light and fun race game that can be completed in no more than 30 minutes. Perfect for a quick and entertaining gaming session with friends and family.
STRATEGIC ROLE SELECTION: Your chosen role defines your actions and turn order, offering endless strategic possibilities. Timing is crucial as acting first or last can lead to game-changing consequences.

9 Ally cards
18 Double-sided Clover tokens
1 Dragon token
8 Knight tokens
1 Village die
12 Spear tokens
1 First Player seal
2 Quest boards
1 Main board