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Garum was a fermented fish sauce used as a condiment in the old ages; its manufacture and export was an element of prosperity and perhaps an impetus for the Roman penetration of Lusitanian and Hispanian coastal regions.

Garum from today’s Portugal and Spain was highly prized in Rome and has now inpired a versatile strategy boardgame for the whole family, ages 8 and up, that plays 2 to 4 players. Garum is a tile-laying game, which plays in about 30 minutes, it is language independent and features endless replayability, due to its board system, that ensures no two games are alike.

In Garum, each player represents a master in the preparation of a specific type of fish sauce and receives a set of 16 Cetarian Tiles; each one has 4 spaces filled by 4 colors in different proportions, though the color that the player is defending is the predominant one.

The goal of the game is to play Cetarian Tiles strategically, in order to get a huge number of his own colour symbols in selected rows or columns - the greater the influence, the higher the reward! While placing the tiles, players may apply to score, collect some bonuses and also block their opponent’s intents. Whoever scores most points is the winner.
★ Innovative tile-laying boardgame with fast paced gameplay
★ Easy learning rules and a lifelong to masterise the pattern building tactics
★ Double-sided game-board, with different weight and playing time
★ Great replayability due to the look-like modular board that changes every game
★ Hard choices to be taken, especially where and when to place the main worker
★ Developed alongside with the crew of Troia’s Roman archeological site for a real thematic taste
★ Several variants published and a small expansion already included in the game

Ages 8+, 2-4 players, 30-45 minutes