Garden Nation

Garden Nation

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The little people exiled from the forest have found shelter in an abandoned garden to build a new town. In the space of a few weeks, wooden crates are transformed into apartments, the old transistor radio into a cabaret, the coffee pot into a belfry...But very quickly, each clan wants to seize control of the town by any means possible: complete official projects, take control of territories, secret missions, and even the invasion of opponent buildings.

★ An atypical game system: the player, by choosing where they carry out their action, determines where the next one will be played.
★ The active player chooses the next player.
★ The city gradually grows in 3D on the board.

• 12 Tiles
• 45 Objective cards
• 80 Building floor modules
• 19 Roofs
• 1 Torticrane
• 1 Objectives board
• 4 Player boards
• 9 Bramble tokes
• 16 Ploy tokens
• 4 Additional inhabitants tokens
• 4 Population tokens / 4 Player tokens
• 4 70 victory points tokens / Score tokens
• 1 Rulebook

Ages 10+, 2-4 players, 60 minutes