Elessia 7pc RPG Set - Divine Daybreak

Elessia 7pc RPG Set - Divine Daybreak

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At the center of the Celestium, the very sky is an ever-changing tapestry. Billowing storm clouds dissipate into a clear cerulean sky, which cascades into a sunset of vibrant amethyst and liquid fire. The heavens dance in a kaleidoscope of vivid colors, painting the world in brilliant chroma.

Enlighten your campaign with our Skyscapes line. These pastel dice feature a prominent white swirl reminiscent of clouds against the sky. Each die has a one-of-a-kind pattern, and white ink compliments the swirls and completes the sunny aesthetic of the dice.


Soft, rounded edges of our Elessia design
Pastel yellow with white swirls and white inking
Traditional 7-piece RPG dice set
Made of specialized acrylic polymer