Dungeons & Dragons Rpg: A Young Adventurer`S Guide - Dungeons And Tombs (Hardcover)

Dungeons & Dragons Rpg: A Young Adventurer`S Guide - Dungeons And Tombs (Hardcover)

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Dungeons and tombs are places filled with adventure. Every door, a new mystery to be unearthed. Every encounter, a chance for victory or disaster.
This book is a tour through some of the most frightening and fatal places in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a guide to their masters and myths, their creatures and corridors. It will show you six lethal lairs, introduce you to the beasts that live within, and then teach you how to construct your own diabolical dungeon.

Read this book from start to finish, or open it to any spot, get entranced by the cool artwork, and start your journey there. The more you read, the more you’ll discover. The more you discover, the easier it will be to imagine your own heroic tales as you and your friends explore the unknown and gather hidden treasures.
Will your quest lead to fame, fortune, and songs sung of your deeds, or will your legend be lost in the shadow-filled crypts that have claimed countless other heroes? In the end, that’s up to you. Dungeons & Dragons is all about unique adventures, and yours is about to begin.

Be brave!

Before you head into the darkness, ready to explore and fight creatures fearsome and foul, you’ll want to do a bit of preparation. Dungeon delving is a dangerous occupation. Adventurers with a bit of foresight and a plan tend to survive longer than those who charge empty-headedly into the unknown. Courage is good. Courage and the right tools for the job are even better. Think about these questions and then get ready for your journey.

• Who is in your adventuring party? Are you traveling alone or in a group? Check “Your Adventuring Party” on the facing page for some options, or build a more detailed set of characters using the Warriors & Weapons or Wizards & Spells books, which may also inform answers to the other questions.
• Where are you going? A cave, a castle, a swamp, a scorching desert, an undersea lair, a boneyard, or somewhere else? If the trek looks like it will be a long one, you’ll want to make sure you bring bedrolls, blankets, a tent, and a way to light a fire. Are you prepared to hunt for food and forage for your meals, or are you bringing rations?

• What climate might you encounter once you get there? Hot or cold, bright or dark, wet or dry? Each possibility requires different clothing to stay comfortable. Can you see in the dark? If not, do you have a light source you can count on?
• Do you have a map of, or other knowledge about, the dungeon you seek? Any information at all is better than heading into a complete mystery. Legends, rumors, or local gossip may all prove helpful as you delve into fortresses, ruins, caverns, or crypts.
In DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, you and your friends take on the roles of adventurers who have banded together to fight monsters and gather treasure. Each hero will have their own special skills, determined by their character class. Here are a few of the most common types of heroes and their unique abilities.

• Barbarian Fierce, primal warriors capable of entering a mighty battle rage.
• Bard Magical entertainers who can inspire, heal, and create illusions through their performances.
• Cleric Faithful warriors who wield divine magic in service of a higher power.
• Druid Shapeshifting guardians who draw upon the power of nature.
• Fighter Soldiers and mercenaries trained in a variety of weapons and armor.
• Monk Masters of the martial arts who use mystic energy to empower their attacks.
• Paladin Holy champions who combine divine magic with martial skill.
• Ranger Scouts and trappers who blend fighting skills with keen knowledge of their surroundings to protect the wilderness.
• Rogue Thieves, acrobats, and explorers who specialize in stealth and trickery to overcome obstacles.
• Sorcerer Spellcasters whose power comes from their magical birthright.
• Warlock Magicians who gain their power through pacts with otherworldly creatures.
• Wizard Scholarly magic users who can manipulate reality itself.
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