Douro 1872

Douro 1872

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The chaos is installed at the mouth of the Douro, there is no space on the wharf to dock more ships. In these days, ships from around the world arrive at the Douro River to load the annual Porto wine orders. However, phylloxera decimated the vines, and this year's production is scarce. The Douro Valley is dressed in black and the big companies do not have enough production for such an order. Ships await loading for days and weeks.

Desperate for barrels full of wine, the great companies send up the Douro River their Rabelo boats. They expect small wine producers to make available the aging reserves in their cellars.

To save the year 1872, it will take the bravery and generosity of all who live on the edge of this beautiful treasure called the Douro!

Thematic party-game about the history of Port Wine
★ Real-time gameplay, without downtime between rounds and no setup needed
★ Amazing artwork, filled with several precious details that surprises everyone
★ Perfect for for mind-reading lovers, suitable for hard bluffers
★ Crazy 2 player variant, for even more laughs

Ages 10+, 2-5 players, 25 minutes.