Deck The Halls

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Deck the Halls is a cooperative Christmas themed board game with the objective of decorating the house before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve. Each turn, players have a combination of actions which pick up and deliver decorations to various locations and decorate these locations in the correct order. The clock moves forward every turn and the decorations rotate to progressive boxes ending in the permanent trash.

Players select a unique character to play during the game. Each character has a special ability which helps the team complete their task. In addition to decorations being added each turn, distractions and cheer cards may be rolled, creating obstacles and bonuses which throw the team's plan into disarray. Gameplay is simple and enjoyable for younger families, and since it is cooperative parents can coach their younger children.

However, with the distractions, trashed decorations and clock running out, gameplay is challenging and fun even for adults. This makes it the ideal family game for all ages.

Game Contents:
• 34 x 22 inch game board
• 5 full-color dice
• 48 cheer/distraction cards
• 6 character mats
• 6 unique character meeples
• 122 full-color tokens