Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

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Death is not an escape.

The hit asymmetric survival horror game comes to tabletop! Take on the role of a ruthless Killer or a resourceful Survivor as you navigate sinister trials.

As a Survivor, plot your moves, coordinate with your allies, and repair generators to power the exit and escape.

As a Killer, anticipate the survivors’ movements and hunt them down to sacrifice on the Entity’s sacrificial hooks.

Ages 18+
3-5 players
30-60 minute playtime

7 Survivor Minis
6 Killer Minis
13 Player Boards
1 Double-Sided Game Board
89 Cards
44 Prop Tokens
4 Breakable Wall Tokens
12 Sacrifice Progress Tokens
25 Generator Progress Tokens
4 Bear Trap Tokens
4 Madness Tokens
7 Phantasm Trap Tokens
1 First Player Marker
1 Entity Token
4 Wound Rings
4 Skill Check Dice
1 Danger Die
40 Bloodpoint Tokens