Dark Souls Rpg Miniatures: Crystal Lizards

Dark Souls Rpg Miniatures: Crystal Lizards

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• 8 Crystal Lizards
• a Double-sided stat card

Hunt elusive Crystal Lizards with this DARK SOULS box of minis!

Little marks these skittering creatures out for significance, save their gentle silvery glow. It seems odd to wish harm on such a furtive creature, but those who catch and slay Crystal Lizards are granted all manner of precious items.

Cast an alluring, silvery glow on your next campaign with the Crystal Lizards miniature box, created for DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game.

Inside this box is everything you need to add Crystal Lizards to your campaigns, including 8 highly detailed minis and a 5e-compatible stat card.

Add these minis to any roleplaying campaign right from the box. Or paint and display them in your cherished display cabinet. The choice is yours!

Are you swift enough to catch yourself a Crystal Lizard? Treasure awaits the bold!

★ 8 detailed minis ready to paint, play, or display in every pack
★ Enhance your roleplaying campaigns with Crystal Lizard treasures
★ 5e-compatible stat cards let you add these minis to any RPG campaign
★ Engage with the DARK SOULS combat system in full
★ Paint your minis to recreate the DARK SOULS universe on your tabletop