Core Connection 2: Nabla Conspiracy

Core Connection 2: Nabla Conspiracy

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Two years ago, the ancient conquerors of Atlantis rose from the depths of the Pacific, leaving the world paralyzed in their wake. But, seven girls stepped forward to face the threat, each possessing the Royal Wavelength required to activate the humanoid weapons known as Resonants. These were the only means of stopping the enemy. In a storm of conflict, the girls battled against Atlantis, eventually defeating Ennosigaios, the Lord of Atlantis.

With peace slowly returning, the girls are able to return to their normal lives, but something seems to be missing. Soon, they hear whispers of a secret society known as Nabla's Heart. This mysterious organization is variously rumored to be the dark side of a global corporation, the root of military corruption, or a way to save those they love. Most ominously, there are those who say that Nabla's Heart is plotting the eradication of the Royal Wavelength, causing the girls to go into hiding.

The road ahead of them is dark and lonely, but they have faith that the twinkling stars will guide them. They believe that their paths will cross once again, and they are determined to protect the world and those they hold dear, no matter the cost.

Welcome to the world of Core Connection! Nabla Conspiracy, the new base game, and Jade Judgement, the new expansion in this amazing "mech-builder" series!
★ Fast paced & easy to learn
★ Strong Table Presence - The most unique aspect of Core Connection as a deck builder is that the game tells a story.
★ Replayability - Multiple characters to choose from for extra game play variety
★ A go-to forAnime & Kaiju fans alike - In Core Connection: Nabla Conspiracy, you play a Mecha pilot competing against the other players in a battle against Nabla’s Heart, an evil secret society.