Cheating Moth

Cheating Moth

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Cheating is forbidden? Not in this naughty game of cards – in fact, you’ll probably have to cheat in order to win.

In The Cheating Moth, you want to get rid of all the cards in your hand before anyone else. The “legal” way is to discard them in numerical order, but there’s another way! Hide the cards you can’t play under your seat, up your sleeve, or whatever creative way you can think of!

The Cheating Moth is an international best-seller and multiple award winner that is sure to bring lots of laughs for your customers and be a success in your store. Cheating is not just allowed, it’s encouraged!

Key Selling Points:
❶ Cheating is allowed and even encouraged in this fun family/party game!
❷ Portable and affordable. Take it anywhere to play!
❸ International best-seller and multiple award winner.

➀ Hand Management
➁ Dexterity
➂ Cheating