Blitz Bowl: Ultimate Edition

Blitz Bowl: Ultimate Edition

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Welcome Sports Fans! Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition is a fast-paced sports game that pits two teams against each other in a battle to achieve touchdowns, complete Challenges, and score the most points! In today's matchup, the Reavers take on the Scramblers. Who will be victorious? Let's find out!

Smaller in scale but no less bloody, this two-player, six-a-side version of Blood Bowl – The Game of Fantasy Football – brings you more gory gladiatorial action on the gridiron. With streamlined rules that are simple to learn, but rewarding to master, you can get into the game at a breakneck pace – quite literally, for some players.

Two new teams are ready to tussle this season in a tumultuous try-out – six Human players from The Reavers, while six Skaven make up The Scramblers. You also get a pitch, cards, dice, and everything else you need to play an action-packed strategic sports game for two in less than an hour.

- Fast-paced tabletop fantasy football
- Approximately 30 minutes playing time
- 12 beautifully detailed colored plastic push-off-the-frame push-fit miniatures (no glue required)
- Box contents: Six Human players, six Skaven players, cards, a double-sided game board and dugouts, plastic balls, dice, and a throw ruler.
- 7x dice (2x Block dice, 3x six-sided dice, 2x eight-sided dice)
- Full-color, 24-page rulebook.