Animal Upon Animal

Animal Upon Animal

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A classic in the world of dexterity games, this simple game may be created for kids, but don't kid yourselves....adults love it too! Only the most dexterous, with nerves of steel, comes out triumphant in this exciting game. Animal Upon Animal scores high on the “let’s play again” game meter. We challenge anyone to stop after just one game!

There’s even a solo variant if your child is itching to play but nobody can play at the moment.

Stack until they drop
But more important than who will win, is the question, “How high can we go this round?”

1 wooden crocodile (measures 4" L x 1" H)
28 other wooden animals (4 each of toucan, sheep, snake, monkey, penguin, hedgehog and lizard
1 wooden die with symbols & game instructions
We are popping corks, letting balloons fly up and confetti rain down – Animal upon Animal turned 10 years old!
Made in Germany – at home all over the world
For over 10 years, monkey, snake and frill-necked lizard have been stacked in children’s rooms all over the world. From Germany to America to Japan, children and adults have opened their hearts to the small wooden animals, sustainably produced in Germany, and there they have stayed. The stacking fever has also infected Finland, where the most Animal upon Animal games have been sold per capita and worldwide.

2 to 4 players
Ages 4+
Plays in about 15 minutes
The unique shape of every animal makes it challenging and fun to to stack the animals in all sorts of different ways.
The random die roll at the start of every turn keeps the possibilities alive!
Aim of the Game: Who is the most skillful at stacking and will be the first left without any animals?

Preparation of the Game: Play on an even surface. Select the crocodile and put it in the center of the table. It is the first animal of the pyramid. Each player selects seven different animals and puts them in front of them as provision. If there are two or three players the remaining animals are kept in the box. The youngest player rolls the die.

What Appears on the Die?

dotsOne dot or two dots
One Dot: Take an animal from your provision and place it carefully with one hand anywhere on the pyramid.

Two Dots: Take two animals from your provision and pile them carefully one after the other, with one hand, onto the pyramid.

crocThe crocodile
Take an animal from your provision and put it next to the mouth or tail of the crocodile so that both animals touch. Thus you enlarge the piling surface used for piling animals

handThe hand
Choose any of your animals and give it to another player who now has to pile the animal carefully on the pyramid.

questionThe question mark
The other players now determine which of your animals you have to pile. Do this with utmost care.

Important Rules in Case of a Collapse
falls off
When one or more animals falls off.......
Stacking ends for the player responsible. They must gather one or two fallen animals.

The player responsible must take up to 2 animals back into their pile
The remaining animals go in the box.

If one animal falls off - player takes 1 animal
If two or more fall off - player takes 2 animals.
End of the Game
The player to place their last animal successfully wins and is elected the best animal stacker of the day ..... at least until the next round!