Zodiac War (Base Pledge)

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Zodiac War is a rotating board game based on astrological themes. The game draws on authentic themes such as personalities of the signs, aligning planets and elements, and drawing on powers of tarot cards. The game is for 2-4 players and takes about 60-90 minutes to play.

Astrology and Tarot authentically share an astrological theme and Zodiac War has been developed to merge these ideas into a fun board game.

The unique rotating board is moved by players to align planets and elements with zodiac signs, consistent with the basics of astrology. Aligning the board wins star crystals, and three star crystals light up your constellation to win the game.

Phase 1 – Read your Horoscope
Your turn starts by drawing a Zodiac Card and reading your horoscope. A planet will enter your sign and your turn will begin. Your horoscope may bring good or bad omens.

Phase 2 – Rotate the Heavens
Now you can rotate the board. To rotate the board you play Tarot Cards. The Tarot deck includes 78 cards just like a normal tarot deck, and each card either helps you generate faith or to rotate the board. Rings may only be rotated clockwise (unless a card or sun sign power says otherwise).

By astute manipulation of the game board you receive Faith tokens, the game’s currency, as described in Phase 3 ‘Collect Faith’. If you achieve a perfect alignment by aligning both your planet and element with your sun sign you can either receive faith tokens or choose to buy a star crystal. The goal of the game is to buy star crystals to illuminate your constellation.

Phase 3 – Collect Faith or Buy Star Crystals
When you complete Phase 2, you collect Faith based on the alignment of planets and elements with your star sign.

Faith tokens must be placed in front of you in clear view of other players.

Phase 4 – Buy Tarot Cards
In Phase 4 you may replenish you hand by buying Tarot cards for 2 faith each.

Phase 5 – End Your Turn
You confirm to other players that you have completed all your actions, you discard any cards played and then end your turn, handing to the next player on your left.