Survivalist'S Guide To Spelunking

Survivalist'S Guide To Spelunking

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This tome contains the collected wisdom of legendary dwarven delver Dugmore Dumple. Dugmore takes you through crystalline caverns, fungal jungles and maze-like passages of his home beneath the surface, even skirting the upper regions of Hel itself.

Survival in the Underworld is no mean feat, but this massive tome contains all you need to exist and endure, nay, prosper in and profit from the lightless realms below. Dugmore’s sage advice, carefully balanced by seasoned traveler and guide Fin Starling, provides all the tools you require to enhance your experience while exploring the fabled caverns and tunnels below the surface.

This book includes an array of modular tools and rules to customize your games.

Taxonomy of cave types
Climbing tools and rules
Designing, mapping, and running 3-D environments
Momentum and chases
Mining minerals and exotic ores
Streamlined tracking of supplies
Foraging and hunting
Spellcasting and combat maneuvers
Making tactical combat puzzles
Hazard generators
Expanded light and darkness
A breath-engine for exploration of flooded caverns or spore-choked jungles
Hypothermia, hyperthermia, and more exotic afflictions like Shroomitis
The lethal hazards of elemental border regions
A glimpse at the lightless abyss and the upper regions of Hel
Plus, all the tables and tools you need to run an underground exploration campaign.