Enchanters - East Quest (Ultimate Pledge)

Enchanters - East Quest (Ultimate Pledge)

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East Quest expansion takes the Enchanters to the war-torn eastern realms. Their denizens may look like they’re nice, but they are all out of mercy when it comes to conflict. Their fighting techniques and magic are much different from what you already know. How will you manage as a stranger in this strange land?

Meanwhile, the Enchanters guild expands offering quests to their members. Slay the dragon, reforge the ancient sword, or just work as an enforcer to gain crystals or glory. This module will give you new avenues to pursue and new areas to compete in each game.

All-in, baby! EVERYTHING Enchanters! All expansions, all material... just everything!
Overlords Expansion + Odyssey Expansion + East Quest Expansion + Deluxe Storage Box +
Mythic Deck (during KS only) + Neoprene Kit + all unlocked Stretch Goals. You want it ALL? Look no further!
Included in the Deluxe Box :
Overlords decks Bandits, Cultists, Unicorns, Gnolls, Goblins, Draco, Barbarians, Faires, Angels, Troglodytes , Undead, Dark Elves, Golems, Mages, Slimes and Demons
+ Odyssey decks Centaurs, Gladiators, Harpies, Medusae, Mermaids and Mummies
+ East Quest decks Ninjas, Monks, Samurais, Nagas, Pirates and Geishas
+ Event Deck
+ Class Deck
+ Banner Deck
+ Coop Deck
+ Wound Deck
+ Quest Deck
+ all Villages
+ all Overlords
+ During KS campaign only : Mythic deck (no box)
+ Neoprene kit
+ All unlocked Stretch Goals

Enchanters: Deluxe box (16 Kingdom decks + Overlords + Villages)
Enchanters basic game + extra decks from Enchanters: Overlords
Enchanters: Odyssey
Enchanters: East Quest
Mythic deck (no box, during KS campaign only)
Neoprene kit
All unlocked stretch goals