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Every 25 moons, the mysterious Sfynx open a gateway to their sunken city... but only the adventurers able to solve 9 riddles before the clepsydra empties will be granted access to its vanished splendors and forgotten knowledge.
Are you up to the task?

You must solve 9 riddles by manipulating tiles on a 5x5 grid (called the Antechamber) so that the positions of the tiles match given patterns shown on the Riddle cards. You’ll only have a limited amount of turns, so you’ll need to make the best use of your actions.

CHALLENGING RIDDLES: Dive into the ancient world of Sfynx and solve 9 intricate riddles to unlock hidden treasures.
STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: Manipulate tiles on a 5x5 grid to match given patterns within a limited number of turns.
SCALABLE DIFFICULTY: Enjoy an accessible game with short rules and adjustable difficulty levels suitable for all skill levels.
HIGH REPLAYABILITY: Explore the sunken city's mysteries again and again with endlessly engaging gameplay.
STUNNING ARTWORK: Immerse yourself in the allure of an ancient civilization with beautifully illustrated graphics by Olivier Derouetteau.

25 Civilization tiles
14 Action tiles
42 cards
12 Challenge tokens
1 Clepsydra board
1 Rulebook