One More Quest: Deluxe Eyecon Dice Set

One More Quest: Deluxe Eyecon Dice Set

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ONE MORE QUEST: DELUXE EYECON DICE SET - Includes six 6-sided dice. A set of official One More Quest™ Eyecon dice, ideal for whimsical dice throwing. This deluxe set features a marble finish to meet the needs of discerning players with refined taste.

ACCESSORY: The One More Quest™ Core Book is required to play.

One More Quest™ is a hilarious roleplaying game where you don’t roll dice—you throw them. Play as a reckless wannabe hero looking for loot and glory (but often receiving only trouble and bruises), or be the Supreme Dungeon Mastermind who presents the party with hilarious quests and dungeons of ridiculous monsters.
In this dexterity-comedy RPG, you take action by throwing dice toward a central Target. Instead of just rolling dice, players will be tossing them towards the Target, attempting ever-more extravagant and goofy trickshots for the amusement of their friends. When a dungeon fighter hides from a guard, the player throws from under the table. When a dungeon fighter performs a distracting dance, the player spins around as they throw. Each situation is unique and plays by its own rules. Hit the Target with your die… or die laughing as you try!

★ SIX d6 DICE: 6x custom d6 dice in 2 colors, black marble and golden marble.
★ SYMBOL: Featuring the official One More Quest™ Eyecon symbol. ELEVATE YOUR GAME: Add some eye-appeal to your dice!
★ DICE SET: Includes all the dice a party of heroes needs and will cover all mechanics found in the core rulebook.
★ ACCESSORY: This is an accessory and requires One More Quest: Core Book to utilize.
★ ONE MORE QUEST is a dexterity comedy RPG of dungeon-crawling adventures set in the world of the Dungeon Fighter™ board game! A hilarious roleplaying game where you don’t roll dice. You throw them.

• 6 custom d6 dice